Saturday, 14 February 2015


What an exciting time to be 

Principal of Stanhope Road School.

The school is in a "rebranding stage" and having recently launched the school's new LOGO, it is now time to finalise the new school uniform as well.

The uniform committee is working collaboratively towards finalising the decision - there have been many extra meetings, and contacts with possible distributors for the uniform.  We have samples, and are finalising the combination of colours. When we have several agreed on samples, we will showcase them to families for input.

As well as the Logo and the Uniform changing, we will also be updating the buildings and the grounds of Stanhope Road School - there will be new colours for the buildings, and designs for the landscaping - over the next 2 years, we should see a completely NEW identity as a school - and we will look FLASH!!!! 

The School Charter Goals have been revised, and all learning and teaching systems are in full swing! 

We are blessed at SRS to be fully staffed - and ALL of our staff fit into the EXPERIENCED TEACHER category of the Registered Teachers' Criteria.

It is a great school to come to work in every day - there is always a lovely sense of "Whanau" and we are working hard to achieve our goals for good student outcomes.  

Hei konei ra,

Corinne Hansell (Principal)