Sunday, 31 March 2013


What a great night of LEARNING TOGETHER.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive about the opportunity to learn about WHAT students have to learn and HOW they learn it in todays curriculum....thank you all for coming.

Friday, 15 March 2013

MORE Maths

Room 15 Making SUSHI.... data showed students wanted sushi as a lunch option...they are learning what a healthy option it is...yummmy!

Room 14 students interpreting the data...what does it mean?.... I wonder why?.....

Room 18 showing of all their amazing visible learning with statistical literacy.....LOOK at how many statements and counter statements they could make!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

SRS Census Proposals

Room 5 - Found that the majority of the sandpits toys were broken or unsafe....they want new toys to make our sandpit SUPER!

Room 9 - is showing us where the SRS Maze would go....they presented the data that told the story of our students wanting something different from playgrounds.

Room 17 had a very persuasive presentation of how a SRS MAZE would be great for both environmental and social fun for us all!



We are learning how numbers tell stories.....
We can interrogate data to make meaning.....
We can use data to persuade others.......

We took a Stanhope Road Census and used this data to make proposals.
Our proposals needed to Communicate and Explain what  would make our school, community and lives better, then Justify it with our data & findings.

We had to present to a panel.....
Marie Math Facilitators from Cognition Education, Gay Swift from Ellerslie Rotary, Anna Gaukrodger from BNZ Bank Manager, Me, Mr Grant from our Board of Trustees, Heather Math Facilitators from Cognition Education.

See more blogs for the proposals....