Sunday, 30 November 2014


Rocking Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud"
Homai te pakipaki finalist

The Parent Support Group worked tirelessly to bring us another wonderful Whanau Fun Night. We had a huge turnout and families brought picnics, and relaxed together, enjoying each other and the entertainment that was organised. One thing is for sure.......there is an abundance of talent at SRS - we could have filled the stage items 3 times over.....and next year we WILL! Thank you Parent Support Group - you have worked some magic - we are thrilled!!!!

First Time Performers!
Thank You Ms Huntley 

Jaya's Indian Dance Group
Father and Daughter

Whanau Ara Mua - Family Pathway To The Future

Please look at our photos!

Congratulations to all the Mums who graduated on Tuesday at Waipuna Conference Centre. Our WAM group of learners, gained their qualification in Child Development and Family Learning - and have a quality reference to support their future goals of gaining employment. A fantastic night was held on Thursday with all family members - and the children read out accolades to their Mums - and how PROUD were they? Thank you to Vanya Huntley for her co-ordination of this group - and a special thanks to our Nadine (in house tutor). We would LOVE to run this programme again next year, so if you're interested in being a student for a year - please let us know!!!