Monday, 22 August 2016


WEEK 3 OF TERM 3 - a celebration of PEACE WEEK.

Every team designed activities which promoted peaceful interactions and an awareness of an individual's responsibility around creating and maintaining peaceful relationships in our world. Our Inquiry learning for Term 3 is based on a question of how we can create change to make a healthy community - and healthy relationships is a key focus of Week 3. Look at these wonderful students and their focused attention to their tasks. We had Tai Chi; Pilates; Yoga; Meditation to Music; Peace Banners; Random Acts of Kindness; and a whole lot of innovative recording of quality learning, shared with whanau and families.

Saturday, 23 July 2016


So here we are in 2016 and entering the second half of our year. 

I hope everyone loved the mid-year reports they received at the end of Term 2. I know I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

Our teachers write wonderful reports that show how much they REALLY know our children - and it is an absolute privilege to read and sign them all. We are now looking forward to seeing you all at the Home School Conferences in Week 2. 

We are looking forward to welcoming the ERO  (Education Review Office) team in Week 5 and are keen to showcase our "picture of progress" in all we have done to continually improve our school.

We are blessed with talented, dedicated Staff, Board of Trustees, Maori Whanau  and Parent Support Group - and together with our student leaders, are excitedly planning new areas of growth.

In Week 7 we are all doing the Adidas Fun Run - so I begin my training with a boot camp membership on Tuesday - never too old to rock the Active Wear I say!!! Our Inquiry is based on the Health and Physical Education curriculum - my absolute passion as a younger teacher - so read more about that on our website home page. 

I look very forward to seeing you all around the school again as our term begins.
Hei konei ra
Ms Hansell