Saturday, 23 May 2015


What are Tuakana Teina Days.

An opportunity for our students to practice being  Friends, Learners, Guardians

Tuakana Teina Days happen at SRS to allow for some 

quality learning dynamics to occur.

  • Classes are paired up older to younger (Tuakana/Teina)
  • Teachers are paired up across teams, and this allows for experiences in teaching children of different age groups for the day
  • The learning programme for the day is a Mini Unit of the current Inquiry Learning Topic (in this term it's Strengths in Diversity)
  • As Teachers are paired up (with lots of Support Staff to help out!), this organisation allows for teams of teachers to be released to participate in uninterrupted, professional learning and development in a specific curriculum area.
  • Tuakana / Teina Days are valuable for everyone - it is a WIN-WIN organisation and there is an authentic experience of being
    Friends, Learners and Guardians on these days!


 These photos are of Room 19 (Year 5/6) working with
        Room  8 (Year 2)
Our older students teach our younger students new things and everyone contributes to an outcome for the day.