Friday, 20 July 2018

Gratitude and Hauora Happiness

 In Term 3, we are focusing our Inquiry Learning on Hauora - and what a timely focus amidst this changing fabric of education. 

In Term 3 there are Union meetings and impending strikes to negotiate terms for Teachers and Principals which are hoped to strengthen the conditions for our profession. Current work overload, shortage of teachers, and a general feeling of the profession being undervalued in our country have lead to this action. 

In Term 3, following a recent change of government, there are reviews taking place - in essence the biggest reform in 30 years!  The review of Tomorrow's Schools which resulted in our Boards of Trustees governing schools, taking the place of a centrally governing Education Board.

I began my teaching career as a 17 year old at North Shore Teachers' College in 1970. I have taught in country schools, city schools, primary schools, Intermediate schools then onto be a liaison support teacher with a Research and Development Centre and later to a Ministry of Education Schooling Improvement Co-ordinator position. In the past 13 years, I have been a Principal of two schools and currently am leading the Kāhui Ako for Maungakiekie cluster.

My career has enabled me to participate in the conversations that have influenced the direction of Education throughout the decades since 1970.
A career that has spanned 48 years - and in 2018, it feels like the right time to retire and observe the new changes from the sidelines. There are exciting changes ahead of us in Education - with many voices having been heard through the Education Conversations happening in the regions and across the sector groups across the country.

While we are busy operating within our individual School Development Plans and our Term Overviews, there are bigger picture developments happening in Aotearoa that will change the fabric of our schools in the long term.

With this in mind, there has never been a more important time to value the work of our teachers in classrooms. The teachers we have here at Stanhope Road School are absolutely fantastic in their positive commitment to excellence and equity. I honour them in their work and enjoy watching their career developments, and will forever remember the happiest times in a classroom, surrounded by children and not once forgetting who is the MOST important in all of the equations! YOUR CHILDREN! 

Thank you for supporting and showing you value our teachers. 
Have a happy and healthy  Hauora in Term 3 everyone!
Corinne Hansell

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