Monday, 26 August 2013

Week 5 we are alive!!!!

Magnificent Monday....

Introducing the Personal Trainers (PTs) - these group of amazing senior students are in training to help a group of junior students develop their oral language.  They are all studying their activities for the week with their little buddies....I am super excited about our BIG TALKERS PROJECT and will look forward to giving you updates.  

The branding group are hard at work designing merchandise for our big WHAM (We Have A Message) night.   Tickets go on sale next week and posters will go up around the community - all work that this group has done to brand and promote the concert.

Room 19s model artist is the infamous NZ Poet SAM HUNT..... I really like this one from Patrick Tan, it truly captures the simple but vivid style Sam is known for.

Terrific Tuesday coming next......

What a great surprise for Stanhope.....SWISS & Charlie putting on a live show at our breakfast club....XOX thank you our lovely ladies that do this every week for us.

Then SWISS hung out with us for a while....visiting classes, playing touch & basketball and signing lots of bags!!!!  


  1. We loved having Swiss in our class...especially Miss Huntley!!! Eliza and Hope think your blog is the best blog Ms Tafa...From the Room 11 Legends.

  2. my sister meet Swiss and he signed her watch she said it was awesome meeting him!!!

  3. room 16 loved having swiss in our class because we got to get his autograph and we wanted him to stay at school all day.