Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Whats happening WEEK 2 - Term 3

Monday competition....whose missing in this photo?

Heres your hint - Beauty & the Beast!

WHo are these two guys and why are they on my blog???

Chris & Guy from the Erin Simpson Show wants  a intermediate student to battle it out with all other intermediate schools in Auckland in the FEARSOME-FOUR Competition at Rainbows End.
wHo WiLl iT bE?


Room 18 loving the dance workshops with Maeling

@ SRS!

It was TOE TAPPING TUESDAY today....
Check out Room 13s & Room 8s blogs to see dance with the University of Auckland Dance students and read about the students reflections.

I decided to follow Rm 18 through their ARTS rotation and found them in the hall doing drama and showing off their talents at "improvising" "frames" & "open scripts".

After-school I checked out our budding All Blacks getting Rippa Rugby training for the next 6 weeks... 

and POW - BANG look at this fabulous addition to the school and our new eco-system the students set up from last terms topic inquiry question.

I found Rm 18 totally engrossed

in their art workshop with

Mr Meadows.

 What will Wednesday bring?
I discovered stunning, clever & keen artists through out the school today....take a look at our talented we are....

Ever tried doing a self-portraint

with your LEFT hand?

 Year 7s did very clever stuff with in-organic treasures while on their art adventure to Corbans Estate Art Centre.

Both teachers and students returned absolutely  inspired by the people they met, things they saw and works they completed.......thanks!
...and then I stumbled across these Mighty Middle Schoolers.....stenciling new signs around our drains to remind us that what goes down here....goes to our sea!!
Congratulations room 14 for being kaitiaki.

Its Thursday and I'm off to the league field day with the Y7 & 8 boys team and Charlie......

Great day..... so very proud of the team and how they played with heart, fair-play and skills... AND how they represented us as Stanhope - Congrats!



Just posing for the camera!!!


5 games - 4 wins
Made it into the finals against Pt England - lost
2nd place overall !! excellent result.

Friday - Room 18 making sound waves in their sound workshop....learning the sources of sound.

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  1. It was fun painting the stencils.akshitha