Monday, 19 August 2013

Whats happening in week 4?

Competition Time....

Had a super Sunday watching the WaRrIOrS... keep watching our fb page and tell me who else we met at the game to win the prizes.

Keep scrolling down to see the week as it happens!!!!

Monday Talented staff @ Stanhope...

Mrs Burrell a talented photographer...showing off her photo that has been published in GULF NEWS...congratulations.

Room 11 at Tu Tuhi...we get to do pretty cool stuff there!

 Creative Stories we will learn about the various ways a story can be told and why storytelling is important. We will explore our own chosen story through role play and creating our own poster. 
In the art studio will use bold colours, shape and imagery to design a poster that visually tells our story.  As a class we will become creative story telling artists.

Tuesday  - ACTION PACTT (Parent and Child Time Together)

Peter is showing off how he can use symbols to express his culture & identity.... guess where Peters parents comes from?

Teachers and Parents....learning and planning for PACTT in classes this week.....the focus this term is maths.  These parents are attending the WAM class - Level 2 in Family Literacy & Child Development...and each week they spend precious time in their children's classes, so they can better understand how to support their child's learning.

Staff vrs Students Game....YESAH staff won !!!...and WOW you can tell Ms Salesa use to play for Samoa....what a gun!!! + we had four parents playing in our team.


 After school down the road at Sylvia Park School is where all the action was...our Mighty Middle School Rippa Rugby Team showing off their skills against Bailey Road & Sylvia Park.... we had parents, pompoms and even half time oranges.... so kiwi!

Where are you Wednesday? ...we are ready for you!!!

BIG PLANS AHEAD.......   we are looking at the school plans as we start to discuss the modernisation of the senior school.

Teachers in their professional learning session playing with shapes & rods....learning more about RATIOS & PROPORTIONS.    Take a look at the strategy on Mr G's ipad....Impressive!

Thursday and Captain Patrick is back.........

Room 9 really enjoyed their class with Patrick today. They had a lot of fun pretending to be 'fast like a cat' and 'slow like a pig'. I also liked their group work, particularly when they made sky towers.

Neat netball skills happening on the courts with our coach.

YAY - Caught looking at our SRS blogs.....ohhh look it my blog!!!

Check out the website next week for the winners of this weeks competition!

FRIDAY already !!!!

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  1. Thanks to the other teams we played. We had fun!
    We loved seeing the Bollywood stars at Te Tuhi
    We like your blog Ms Tafa!
    From Room 11